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Amy Sinyei Rodrigues Named DocXellent's New COO, Bringing Customer-Centric Focus to Operations

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DocXellent, a leading provider of Document Management Solutions, announced the promotion of Amy Sinyei Rodrigues to the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). With a proven track record of building exceptional customer experiences, Rodrigues is poised to drive operational excellence across the organization.

As DocXellent's Chief Customer Officer, Amy transformed the ENSUR customer experience. She oversaw all client-facing teams, including Support, Training, and Professional Services, ensuring seamless implementations, successful value-added customization engagements, and fostering exceptional customer satisfaction and retention rates. Her in-depth knowledge of ENSUR made her an invaluable guide for customers, empowering them to maximize the platform's value.

"I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to shape DocXellent's operations, propel our GTM Strategy forward, and help the company scale while maintaining our commitment to customer success," said Amy. "I believe that operational excellence and a deep understanding of our customers' needs go hand-in-hand.”

Stay tuned on our DocXellent blog for upcoming posts from Amy as she and the DocXellent team make positive changes to ENSUR and the DocXellent offering in 2024!

Congratulations, Amy!

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