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How Quality Professionals Should Manage Specifications

Quality professionals are tasked with verifying the quality of their company’s products and ensuring processes meet regulatory compliance. There are many moving parts in a supply chain and enforcing your quality standards throughout every step of...

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Tags: specification management, quality management process, supply chain

What is Supply Chain Visibility and How Can My Company Achieve it?

Companies that work with a host of vendors and suppliers know just how complex and essential their supply chain is. It is imperative that each connection with a vendor or supplier is documented in a formalized system. The data in those documents is...

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Tags: specification management, supply chain, visibility

3 Specification Management Trends to Look Out for in 2021

As technology becomes more and more advanced, companies across the globe that manufacture products or design packaging have begun moving away from manual, paper processes and are opting for electronic specification management systems. Optimizing...

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Tags: specification management, cyber security, managed cloud, sustainability

8 Steps to Optimize your Specification Workflow for Accuracy and Efficiency

Packaging materials and labor can be costly for companies who package products. Managing the various types of packaging components and materials in an efficient and controlled way can prevent issues with timelines, costs, customer loyalty, and even...

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Tags: specification management, Spec Management

The ROI on a Specification Management System: Is It Worth It?

If you’re a packaging or manufacturing professional, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of spending precious time tracking down data. The manual nature of managing specifications using spreadsheets and shared drives has likely caused...

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Tags: specification management, Spec Management, ISO 9001, Compliance

6 Things to Consider in a Packaging Specification Management System

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3 Ways to Streamline Supplier Collaboration During the Specification Lifecycle

The specification management process requires multiple departments within your company to work with a variety of vendors in gathering product data throughout the product lifecycle. Yet, many companies do not have a unified system in place to...

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Tags: specification management, supplier collaboration

6 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Spec Management Solution

Using an out of date process for managing your specifications can cause errors and rework for employees, inconsistent processes across different departments, and costly delays in production. A disorganized spec management process can also have a...

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Tags: specification management, Spec Management, workflow

Spreadsheets or Electronic Forms: Comparing Methods for Managing Specs

A lot of companies still rely on spreadsheet technology to organize their important information. Other companies use electronic forms for their data management.  What exactly is the difference? And is one better than the other? In this article...

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Tags: specification management, Electronic Document Control System | DocXellent, electronic document control

5 Tips to Optimize the Workflow of Your Specifications

Successful management of specifications (packaging, product, materials, etc) is a critical component of any product’s lifecycle. Businesses that are using spreadsheets or other manual methods of organizing, routing and distributing their...

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Tags: packaging management, specification management, workflow