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7 Steps to Improve Vendor & Supplier Management

No matter how many vendors your company works with, creating an efficient supplier management process and fostering strong relationships with them is essential. When your business success is dependent on third parties to help you deliver your...

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Press Release: Cordance Completes Acquisition of DocXellent

Norwich, CT, February 11, 2022: DocXellent today announced it has been acquired by Cordance of Raleigh, North Carolina. This new relationship will allow DocXellent management and employees the opportunity to benefit directly from the many years of...

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The Next Step in Sustainable Business: What is the ESG Framework?

Over the last few years, sustainable business has become a priority for every facet of the supply chain. It began with consumers, moved onto suppliers, and now has the attention of investors. With this growing emphasis on green processes, potential...

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Are Paper-Based Processes Killing Your Productivity?

Across the board, business processes are moving digital. As they do, companies are beginning to see the benefits of non-paper methods in terms of efficiency and financial growth. Not only are paper processes becoming outdated, but they are also...

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How to Save Money with a Document Management System in 2022

Saving money using a DMS without sacrificing quality (1)

As 2021 comes to end, many companies are in the process of approving their 2022 budgets. As your company looks to improve efficiency and lean out on unnecessary expenses, it may be time to consider investing in a document management system (DMS)....

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The Biggest Document Management Trends for 2022

The Biggest Document Management Trends for 2022

Over the last decade, document management processes have gone almost entirely digital. With this shift, companies are starting to take a closer look at the best ways to fully utilize their Document Management Systems (DMS) to increase their overall...

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How Food & Beverage Companies Can Maintain Data Integrity

For food and beverage industry professionals, maintaining data integrity throughout your supply chain is critical. Not only is it required under FDA’s Title 21 CFR Part 11, but it can also bolster your company’s visibility, knowledge, and control...

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Employee Spotlight: Connor Carignan

Connor Carignan is DocXellent’s Sales Director, a gifted cook, and avid skier! He is responsible for vetting our sales leads, finding potential projects for expanded usage of ENSUR for existing clients, and understanding the use cases for our...

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How Can a Document Management System (DMS) Improve Manufacturing? 

Manufacturing companies are challenged with tracking product data, customer feedback, and engineering changes, all while maintaining their company’s reputation for quality and swift distribution of product. That’s why we want to share how you can...

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Interview With a Quality Expert

Bobbi Lilek

Bobbi works as a Quality Systems Director for a rapidly growing biotechnology company that utilizes the ENSUR software for both Document Control and Quality Management. In order to maintain her company’s policy of strict customer...

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