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Benefits of Going Green with Electronic Document Management



"Going green" is an increasing focus for modern-day businesses as consumers favor brands that are concerned with the environment, and pressure rises on corporations to demonstrate a level of social responsibility. The "State of Green Business 2018...

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How to Address Electronic Signature Compliance | 21 CFR Compliance


Compliance is a top concern for businesses across industries, including healthcare, medical device, laboratories, and more. To stay compliant, organizations need to make sure multiple aspects of their operations are following regulations set forth...

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DocXellent Welcomes Two New Team Members

Company grow

DocXellent Welcomes Two New Team Members

DocXellent is excited to welcome two new members aboard our growing team!

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Dave Ahrens – Software Architect | DocXellent Document Management


Dave Ahrens is a Software Architect at DocXellent, and he holds the record as our longest standing employee. He has been with our company for over 20 years! Dave currently lives in Voluntown, CT and was born and raised in Milford, CT. He is...

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The Four Basic Functions of Packaging Management Software

4 Basic Functions of Packaging Software


Why Package Goods?

The packaging process has existed for centuries, in various forms. Enclosing products for distribution and sale is necessary across most industries, and some markets have tight regulations around what kind of packaging can be...

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Benefits of Using Document Control Software to Onboard New Employees


The act of on-boarding new employees is an essential part of any company’s human resources management. However, it can often be a complicated process when trying to manage endless paperwork while also coordinating training on company policies and...

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Quality Control vs. Quality Management | Document Management

umbrella of quality

Organizations that have to manage a lot of documentation often fall into the conundrum: do we need a quality control system or a quality management system? Are they the same thing with different names, or are they different? Exactly what is a...

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Tags: Quality Control Management, quality management, quality management process, quality control methods, quality control vs quality assurance, what is quality management system

How to Keep Up with Document Regulatory Changes with DMS


Change is constant—especially for businesses that must prove regulatory compliance with documentation for federal, state, and local governments. Small, medium, and large companies must all verify and document that they operate within all applicable...

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A Document Management System for the Cannabis Industry: Three Trends for 2019


It’s hard to imagine an industry better positioned to experience the benefits of a document management system than the cannabis industry. In 2019, the cannabis industry will continue to grow, but surmounting the regulatory, financial and safety...

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Employee Spotlight: Julie Rue Browne – Senior Client Relations Manager

julie employee spotlight

Julie Rue Browne, DocXellent's Senior Client Relations Manager, is much more than just that. She is originally from the Midwest but has called the Connecticut seaside home for many years now. She came to DocXellent to act as the primary point of...

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