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Employee Spotlight: Tom Tassias – Chief Technology Officer

Tom Tassias is DocXellent’s Chief Technology Officer, a dedicated outdoorsman, and a self-proclaimed handyman! As the Chief Technology Officer for DocXellent, he has the responsibility of providing technical leadership to our team in the creation...

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Employee Spotlight: Christine Snitkin-Bouley – Support Coordinator

Christine Snitkin-Bouley is DocXellent’s Support Coordinator and Project Manager, a talented dance teacher, and a musical theater buff! She is part of our Customer Relations Team as well as the DocXellent Support Coordinator and is usually the...

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Employee Spotlight: John Waller – Director of Information Security and Cloud Services

John Waller is DocXellent’s Director of Information Security and Cloud Services, a talented songwriter, and a dedicated marathonist! He is responsible for architecting and supervising DocXellent’s Cybersecurity program, the newly launched...

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Employee Spotlight: Suzanne McCormack – Training Manager


Suzanne McCormack is DocXellent’s training manager, resident baker and actress extraordinaire.  She trains all of our customers to make sure they understand the capabilities of our document management system; ENSUR. If they are a new user, she...

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Employee Spotlight: Dave Ahrens – Software Architect


Dave Ahrens is a Software Architect at DocXellent, and he holds the record as our longest standing employee. He has been with our company for over 20 years! Dave currently lives in Voluntown, CT and was born and raised in Milford, CT. He is...

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Employee Spotlight: Julie Rue Browne – Senior Client Relations Manager

julie employee spotlight

Julie Rue Browne, DocXellent's Senior Client Relations Manager, is much more than just that. She is originally from the Midwest but has called the Connecticut seaside home for many years now. She came to DocXellent to act as the primary point of...

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