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3 Benefits of Using Document Control Software to Onboard New Employees

3 Benefits of Using Document Control Software to Onboard New Employees

The act of on-boarding new employees is an essential part of any company’s human resources management. However, it can often be a complicated process when trying to manage endless paperwork while also coordinating training on company policies and procedures. The latter can take away from the more fundamental tasks: teaching your new hires about the company environment and educating them on their team role.

Luckily, a document control software like ENSUR can help make this process painless for your business. Document control systems make keeping track of employee paperwork simple, and instead of being burdened by form-filling, your human resources team can focus on improving your new hire’s employment experience. Take a look at three benefits of utilizing a document control software to onboard new employees:

  1. Keep critical HR documents secure

Confidentiality is a high priority for human resources departments that are managing critical documents such as applications, resumes, Workers Compensation documents, performance reviews, recruiting information, insurance information, payroll documents and more.  Employee paperwork with sensitive information is prone to human error when using a manual document management system. This is where ENSUR’s audit trails and multi-tiered security model come in. Our document control system features robust yet configurable data control with cutting edge cyber security – ensuring that your documents are only available to the users you authorize. And with the implementation of audit trails, ENSUR tracks the creation, modification, review, approval and deletion of records along with computer generated date and time stamps for every document in its system. These two processes combined eliminate any security risk your company may face and keeps your employee information completely confidential.

  1. Maintain compliance with personnel and human resources regulations

As important as training new hires is, it is even more essential to ensure these training procedures fall under the various levels of compliance expected of your industry. And it can be extremely challenging to keep track of the various laws that govern your team members. However, using a document control system that keeps track of these regulations will guarantee that your company’s human resources and personnel activity are well within those compliance bounds. An electronic document management system helps companies keep up with the everchanging regulatory sphere with version control, change control, and training management features that help your business quickly and easily update the necessary documents, get approvals, and train the appropriate staff to maintain compliance. And when it comes time for a governmental audit, you can easily retrieve and report on the documentation required, eliminating hours of sifting through paperwork.

  1. Manage employee training, comprehension and training records

Scheduling and implementing training courses across a company requires a large amount of organization and coordination, especially companies with multiple locations. Attempting to perform these processes on spreadsheets and unintegrated systems heightens the risk of human error and makes managing a comprehensive training program a painful task. With a software like ENSUR, your documents will become centrally located, enabling you to define training requirements based on job title, manage rosters, test comprehension and track the results of training events all in one place. Your company will be provided the tools needed to deliver training to all of your employees, whether they’re in your office or across the world and confidently demonstrate your training compliance to auditors within a few clicks.

With a document management system, you can streamline every aspect of the onboarding process. Instead of spending precious time and resources organizing HR files and administering training manually, ENSUR does the heavy lifting for you. See firsthand how the ENSUR document control system can simplify your training management processes, saving you time and money: request a demo today!

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