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Employee Spotlight: Connor Carignan - Sales Director

Employee Spotlight Connor

Connor Carignan is DocXellent’s Sales Director, a gifted cook, and avid skier! He is responsible for vetting our sales leads, finding potential projects for expanded usage of ENSUR for existing clients, and understanding the use cases for our customers.

Prior to working at DocXellent, Connor worked in customer service, technology implementation, and tech sales. In fact, before he joined our team, he was working for a golf software provider. Connor says that it was this position that helped him understand the value of Software as a Service (SaaS) products, like ENSUR. He was able to take his experience in implementing, training, and product promotion into a direct sales role here at DocXellent.

When it comes to his experience working at DocXellent, Connor loves the comradery of the team. He appreciates that he can go to anyone to ask for assistance, and they’ll give him insight to determine the best path forward for internal or external ENSUR users. He says that the DocXellent team has helped him tremendously in understanding our product and its flexibility/configurability.

Connor has learned how to assess the many use cases for document management in different industries, how we can automate these processes, and ultimately serve as a valued partner. He is particularly proud of his sales success in 2021, stating: “After a volatile sales year in 2020 we have made significant strides in acquiring new business across numerous industries. This includes prospects we have spoken with over multiple years, to the fastest deal in DocXellent history!” He credits this type of sales success to his curiosity and proclivity to ask questions and truly understand the needs of our prospective customers.

In Connor’s free time he loves to ski, golf, and see live music. He even prides himself in being pretty handy in the kitchen!

Connor’s inquisitiveness and dedication to finding solutions has made him a great asset to our prospects, customers and team. He is very happy to be part of our staff and he strives to make our customers’ experience the best it can be. 

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