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How Document Management Software Benefits the Consumer Goods Industry


The consumer goods industry is all about strict standards, consistency, and record keeping. You need to make sure your goods are consistently manufactured with precision so that your customers’ expectations are met. With vendors, suppliers, and customers to communicate with, you need an efficient way to collaborate on and manage your documents. With our document management system, you can be sure that every aspect of your business—from design to delivery—is completed as seamlessly as possible. Here is a look at just some of the ways a document management system can help you:

Ensure Electronic Forms Are Consistent 

Trying to review and organize forms with differing templates and inconsistent information can be challenging. With a document control management application, you can make sure that every electronic form that is filled out uses the same format. You can also specify default text, standard picklists, and automate formula calculations.

 Use Templates to Control Standards 

As mentioned, consistency is crucial in the consumer goods industry, which means performing routine inspections is paramount to your success. With DMS software, you can create master templates that can be used to perform measurements and confirm the correct specifications are being abided by.

Control the Approval Process 

When you are working on product development and going through the design and approval process, you must make sure that all parties are working with the most up-to-date documents. You also need to streamline the approval process, so your products can get to market faster. With cloud document management, it is effortless to make sure everyone is looking at the most current version of the drawings and specifications. And when you need an approval, the DMS software will keep reminding the person you need it from, until it is completed.

Centralize Document Storage 

You have a lot of documents that need to be accessed by a lot of people, and they need to be accessed regularly. With a document management system, you can make sure all of these important documents are stored in one place and that they are easy to locate from any location. From your policies and procedures to work instructions and packaging details, even your technical standards and quality control reports, everything you need can be easily accessed through your DMS software.

Make Sharing Documents Effortless 

Between your customers, your suppliers, your vendors, and your employees, you are sharing a lot of documents every day. With document management software, this task doesn’t have to be cumbersome. You can easily and securely pass on WIP documents or approved documents to those who need them. And our document storage can be integrated with ERP systems for a smooth transition.

This is just a small look at how the best document management system can benefit your consumer goods company. The efficiencies that our software provides are extensive and can bring a whole new level of productivity to the way you do business. To learn more, contact DocXellent today.

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