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How the Health & Beauty Industry Can Benefit from Document Control


While the health and beauty industry doesn’t have the same strict guidelines from the FDA that the pharmaceutical industry does, there are still very precise rules and regulations that cosmetic companies must follow to ensure safety standards are met. Additionally, protecting intellectual property is a top concern for the health and beauty industry, as their unique appearance, formulas, and packaging are what make their products stand out from the competition. With document management software, the health and beauty industry can conquer both of these concerns, and much more.

Protect Intellectual Property

From trade secrets (such as chemical formulas), patent details, and in-depth plans about an upcoming product launch, there is a lot of information within the health and beauty industry that needs to be kept within the company. However, with a paper-based system, there are too many opportunities for this confidential information to end up in the wrong hands (think theft, loss, or an inside job). That’s why a digital document management system is so important. It can help protect intellectual property in many ways:

• With user-based sign in options and password protection, ensure private documents are safeguarded and unauthorized access is restricted.
• Automatic notifications allow anyone involved in the project to receive real-time updates anytime a pre-designated document is accessed.
• Audit trail logs track who views, edits, or tampers with any document, dating and informing management of any changes made.
• Label confidential information so artwork, labels, and more aren’t shared or accessed by the wrong people.

Remain Compliant

Ensuring proper safety standards are met and polices are followed is a key component of remaining compliant. With a manual system, it can be hard to keep track of this crucial documentation—let alone access it quickly when it comes time for an audit. With a document control system for the health and beauty industry, companies can instantly access any inspection document or policy guideline on demand. Full transparency can be provided to anyone with questions, and version control ensures the right document is being displayed.

Create Consistency with Templates

Whether creating a template for product packaging or developing the formula for the product itself, consistency is key when it comes to manufacturing health and beauty products. With document management software, it is easy to create templates that can be used across the board to make sure everyone is following the same specifications and a consistent product can be made every time.

This is just touching the surface of the many ways our document management system can benefit the health and beauty industry. When every document can be stored, searched, and retrieved effortlessly—and it can be tracked the entire time—cosmetic companies can know they are protecting their intellectual property, remaining compliant, and improving their efficiency. To learn more about how ENSUR can help your company, contact DocXellent today.

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