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Three Cannabis Version Control Trends for 2019


It’s hard to imagine an industry better positioned to experience the benefits of a document management system than the cannabis industry. In 2019, the cannabis industry will continue to grow, but surmounting the regulatory, financial and safety compliance standards will require a smart document control system for the following three reasons:

  1. “Born Digital” Document Control Software was Made for the Cannabis Industry

With cannabis products becoming legal across countries and states in rapid succession—yet still bearing the mark of a Schedule I controlled substance by the federal government—the burden of complying with evolving local, state, and federal cannabis regulations is immense, to say the least. Dispensaries, producers, and growers are eager to prove compliance with whatever regulations apply to them while being able to provide essential documentation to financial backers. By dynamically managing all of their documentation in the “born digital” environment—maintaining a scalable, secure documentation workflow—gives folks in the cannabis industry an accurate, adaptable way to manage this chaos without drowning in paper.

In fact, the ENSUR document control software system empowers the different actors within the burgeoning cannabis industry to create and maintain all of their documentation digitally. This gives them the ability to track, manage, sort, and audit their growth, training, projections, suppliers, sellers, customers, and regulatory compliance easily.

  1. Mobile Document Control for the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry comes out of the shadows, there is an excellent opportunity to be the leader in showing other industries the agility benefits of a mobile document management system. With rapid growth and change galloping through the industry, everyone concerned needs a system that provides authorized users with secure, mobile, cloud-based access to documentation anywhere, at any time. With unprecedented and long-standing relationships and experience, ENSUR document control for the cannabis industry offers this required combination of mobile access and security. At the same time, cannabis industry stakeholders are showing adjacent industries just how mobile document management software can benefit their businesses too.

  1. Safety and Regulatory Compliance Demands a Quality Management System

Every industry producing consumable products must track and comply with safety and regulatory compliance standards, and the cannabis industry is no different. Especially now that bigger, more established companies like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and several other beverage, food, and cosmetic companies are looking to add cannabis-containing products to their lineups. A fully digital, cloud-based, secure quality management system can help cannabis product producers, sellers, and growers actively track and monitor safety and quality issues throughout the supply chain to prevent non-compliance and safety concerns.

Document Control for the Cannabis Industry

Businesses up and down the cannabis industry boom must juggle regulatory, legal, and financial burdens that many other industries also manage. However, with the speed this highly regulated industry is growing, they face unique challenges that only a document control software can manage. The ENSUR document control system was built to mitigate these challenges for regulated companies and streamline their business processes.

If your business is part of the cannabis industry, make sure to get your documentation under control in the digital, cloud-based sphere as soon as possible. Contact us today to request a demo of the ENSUR document control software system, specially designed for highly regulated companies like those in the cannabis industry.

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