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Employee Spotlight: Christine Allard

Employee Spotlight Christine Allard (1)

Today, we shine the spotlight on Christine Allard, our esteemed Senior Consultant in Customer Relations here at DocXellent. With her friendly demeanor and exceptional skills, Christine plays a vital role in assisting our customers with configuring and utilizing ENSUR to streamline their business processes. Let's get to know Christine better and discover what makes her an invaluable member of our document management team.

Originally from North Smithfield, RI, Christine brings a wealth of experience and a diverse background to her role at DocXellent. After dedicating eight years as a stay-at-home mom, she re-entered the workforce and ventured into various positions in retail pharmacy merchandising. Her work involved systems for retail pricing and pharmacy claims processing, where she gained a deep understanding of business rules and system upgrades. It was during this time that Christine realized her passion for technology and pursued a bachelor’s degree in information technology with a focus on Business Systems Analysis.

Throughout her career, Christine has worked on numerous projects spanning healthcare claims processing systems, Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) in biotechnology research, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Her introduction to ENSUR came during her tenure at a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization, where she became the system Administrator. Since joining DocXellent, Christine's expertise has been instrumental in helping clients maximize the potential of ENSUR and tailor the document management system to their unique needs.

Christine's skills and personality traits perfectly align with her role. Her background in systems and business process analysis, coupled with her firsthand experience as an ENSUR end-user, grants her a unique perspective into customer needs. This insight allows her to assist clients in harnessing the full capabilities of our software while offering customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.

When asked about her career path, Christine reveals that it was more of an evolution rather than a deliberate choice. Starting with a job where she discovered her natural affinity for computer systems, she decided to pursue her passion further by switching her major to Information Systems while completing her degree. This transition laid the foundation for her successful journey in the field of technology and business systems analysis.

Working at DocXellent has been instrumental in Christine's career development. She appreciates the opportunity to combine her business background and system knowledge to help customers find innovative ways to use ENSUR. By streamlining document management and quality processes, Christine finds fulfillment in assisting our clients, both new and longstanding, in achieving their goals.

Being a member of the DocXellent team holds a special place in Christine's heart. She loves the camaraderie and the collective effort put forth by her coworkers. They share their strengths and knowledge, working together to solve problems and constantly improve ENSUR. Christine takes pride in being part of such a fantastic team.

When asked about which job she would switch with within DocXellent, Christine mentions that she would be interested in the role of our Training Manager, Suzanne McCormack. With a passion for teaching and a history of providing end-user training, Christine enjoys helping others understand the software's capabilities and would relish the opportunity to contribute in a training capacity.

Outside of work, Christine indulges in hobbies such as crocheting, sewing, and reading. Additionally, being a dancer at heart, she continues to embrace her passion for dance. When reflecting on her favorite travel destination, Christine fondly recalls her most memorable trip as a pre-teen when she traveled to England to meet her family. Spending three weeks in her mother's village and exploring the country left an indelible mark on her, creating unforgettable experiences.

Christine’s contributions to DocXellent have been significant, and her dedication to our customers is unwavering. We are fortunate to have her as part of our team, as she continues to make a positive impact by helping clients optimize their processes and achieve their business objectives. Her expertise, friendly nature, and commitment to continuous improvement embody the values we hold dear at DocXellent.

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