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Employee Spotlight: Matt Davis

Employee Spotlight Matt Davis (1)

Welcome to our employee spotlight series, where we highlight the talented individuals who make up our team here at DocXellent. Today, we're shining the spotlight on Matt Davis, one of our accomplished Software Developers. Matt has been an integral part of our document control team, contributing to the success of our company by implementing new features, fixing bugs, and investigating support incidents. In this blog, we'll dive deeper into Matt's background, experience, and many contributions at DocXellent.

Originally from Preston, Connecticut, Matt’s interest in software development was born during his high school career. His school offered programming classes and he began to experiment with it in his free time as well. After finding he liked the programming process, he decided to explore software development as a career, eventually choosing to attend the University of Connecticut for his undergraduate degree. At UConn, he worked for the IT help desk for most of his four years. Then he found an internship at DocXellent, which would eventually turn into his first full-time job. 

Matt credits his analytical way of thinking as the main reason he loves what he does, and why he’s so good at it: “I enjoy problem-solving and making things, which is what a lot of my job boils down to. I can normally pick up new things quickly but can be stubborn enough to work through any big obstacles that pop up.”

In terms of his career at DocXellent, Matt has been a major contributor to our recent ENSUR releases. Specifically, he has been working on various elements of our upcoming 5.0 release, as well as 4.6’s Form-Field Audit Log which has already been rolled out. When asked his favorite part of working at DocXellent team, he said: “I enjoy being part of a friendly and knowledgeable team. Development can have lots of unplanned roadblocks, and it’s good to know that we don’t have to deal with them alone.”

Outside of work, Matt enjoys weightlifting, tabletop games, and video games. He also partakes in hiking, mentioning his camping trip on Mt. Washington as his favorite place he’s traveled. 

The DocXellent team is very lucky to have Matt as part of our software development team. His passion for his work is evident in his commitment to continually improving his skills and staying up to date with the latest industry trends. And his ability to work collaboratively with his colleagues and effectively communicate complex technical concepts has been an invaluable asset. We look forward to seeing the innovative solutions that he will bring to ENSUR in the future.

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