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Employee Spotlight: John Waller – Director of Information Security and Cloud Services

John Waller – Director of Information Security and Cloud Services

John Waller is DocXellent’s Director of Information Security and Cloud Services, a talented songwriter, and a dedicated marathonist! He is responsible for architecting and supervising DocXellent’s Cybersecurity program, the newly launched DocXellent Managed Cloud (DMC), legacy ENSURCloud client installations, and all other Cloud-based systems.

Before working at DocXellent, John progressed in the industry as a web developer, an application developer, a software engineer, and a systems architect. After his first job as a fork lift driver after a stint in the Army, he discovered his passion for web development when he started working on websites in his spare time. He created a website for the company he was working for at the time and soon thereafter decided he would focus his career on web development. After taking a course at Worcester Polytech, he has been full-time developing/ architecting for the web ever since. A firm believer in lifelong learning, he recently attained the AWS Solutions Architect certification and is studying for several more professional certifications related to cybersecurity and the cloud.

During his time at DocXellent, John has accomplished many things; however, he is most proud of his recent role in the DocXellent Managed Cloud release: “I have been the point person with bringing ENSUR and DocXellent to the cloud, culminating in the roll-out of the DMC this year. This GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant cloud hosting platform allows customers to host additional applications together with ENSUR in their own Virtual Private Cloud – without a doubt, the DMC is a game-changer for DocXellent, our customers, and even our market segment”.

When it comes to working for DocXellent, John loves the opportunity to work with such bright and dedicated colleagues. And, he feels lucky that DocXellent is dedicated to helping employees gain knowledge and grow as professionals. When he was hired 5 years ago, he had just started a master’s program, and DocXellent encouraged and worked with him to complete all of the courses: “I graduated last summer with a MSc in Information Technology. I have applied at least a little from each of those classes to my work at DocXellent, demonstrating that professional development is almost always a mutually beneficial arrangement – employees gain knowledge and the company gains from that knowledge”.

Another one of John’s many talents and passions lies within his love of song and musical theater. He has been writing songs all his life and his first musical/rock opera is set to open on January 10 here in Norwich, appropriately enough on Broadway (that is of course, the name of the main street in downtown Norwich, but forever he will be able to say his first show opened on Broadway!). His songs are mostly about love, nature or current events – this show is about the latter.

He also prides himself as a dedicated runner. He even ran 2 marathons in 2 weeks this fall, hitting two personal records: the first, his fastest time ever at 4:14; the second, the worst weather, he ran in a rainstorm. No wonder he cites his personal mantra as “to stay in place is to fall behind”!

John is very thankful to be part of the DocXellent team and takes pride in making our ENSUR software the best it can be. His resourcefulness and passion combined with his 20+ years of experience make him a true asset to both our staff and customers.

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