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Employee Spotlight: Mike Collins - Development Manager

Employee Spotlight: Mike Collins - Development Manager

Mike Collins is DocXellent’s Development Manager, a Rhode Island native, and a proud father! In his current role, he has the responsibility of planning, directing, and coordinating all software improvements within ENSUR He is our developers’ “go to” man when it comes to introducing new features. 

Mike has had an exciting career working in many different industries. Before college, he worked as an apprentice at a cabinet making shop. He then moved on to kickstart his career in technology in 2008, working for a maintenance management software company. Before finding his place at DocXellent, he worked several different positions in many different industries. However, having always known he was interested in software, he never strayed too far from this passion.

Mike credits his success at DocXellent to his constant thirst for knowledge and knack for problem solving. He is always looking for new ways to learn about ENSUR and how it can help our customers use cases. If there is ever an issue, he is the first to start brainstorming unique and fresh ideas on how to solve the problem. He also appreciates the amount of freedom he has been given to grow at DocXellent: “DocXellent has helped my career development by enabling my skills to be shown and continuing to offer new and exciting challenges at every milestone.”

Mike has had many accomplishments during his time at DocXellent; however, he is most proud of his work leading his team to develop new and helpful features for our customers. His team is full of talented developers with a diverse set of skills, and he finds pride in helping them reach their full potential as well as create a product he can be proud of. And when it comes to the culture at DocXellent, Mike loves the opportunity to work with dedicated people that motivate him. He feels lucky that our company promotes teamwork: “Everyone on our team is dedicated to providing the best service and product. Everyone’s opinion matters and is taken into account when it comes time for new products or features.”

Outside of work Mike is a family man, spending most of his time with his two kids. Their favorite things to do together include building Lego’s, playing video games, going to the zoo, and to the aquarium.

Looking to the future of our product, Mike is excited about the innovative features in the development pipeline, most notably, our new document creation wizard. This feature will make creating documents in ENSUR easier than ever, continuing to improve the user experience. Mike is always striving to make ENSUR the best it can be for our clients and never shies away from a software challenge. His knack for technology combined with his appreciation for team collaboration make him an invaluable asset to both our company and customers.

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