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5 Must-Have Features in a Document Management System


An excellent document management software should make an organization's life easier and more efficient. Yet, many organizations still use file cabinets jammed with paper, or cumbersome on-site servers that are highly error-prone and don’t have a secondary source of storage. DocXellent’s ENSUR document management software solves all of these problems with a scalable, browser-based interface and cloud-based options. It makes it easy to harness all of your documentation, boosting your whole quality management system with these five key features:

  1. User-friendly Interface

One of the things that concerns companies the most when they face the prospect of adopting a new document management software system is the steep learning curve that everyone in the company has to endure as documents shift into the new system. This agonizing task alone often prevents organizations from adopting what could be a more streamlined, time-saving document management system.

The ideal document control software eliminates this hurdle by having an intuitive user interface. ENSUR removes the need to click through menus and folders by surfacing any documents a user needs to interact with right on their homepage in configurable panels. ENSUR’s browser-based interface also makes finding the right document as easy as surfing the internet for song lyrics. Just type the search query into the search bar and it will pull up every document matching the searched keywords.

  1. Low-Cost Cloud Infrastructure

More server space on-site often means more financial investment, which is always tricky to fit into the budget. But ENSUR’s low-cost, cloud-based option solves many of these problems by storing huge amounts of documentation in the cloud for a relatively low price. This easy-to-use, cloud-based system also gives smaller organizations access to software updates and newer security options that would otherwise cost far too much to manage internally. Cloud-based document control software also eliminates many of the security risks that businesses don’t consider. For example, what would happen if a local disaster destroyed local servers housing all documentation for your company? With a quality management system data can be housed securely in the cloud, and your priceless data is safe, regardless of on-site risks.

  1. Mobile Integration

With everyone using mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, companies need their document management software systems to be mobile-friendly as well. ENSUR makes secure, remote, mobile access to mission critical documents easy for any authorized personnel. This helps decision makers to collaborate, make deals, and gain critical insight about trends on the go, day or night, regardless of time zone or location.

  1. Automatic Indexing

A document management system that has the ability to effortlessly and automatically index documents and their data is a true game-changer for any organization. ENSUR takes care of this need beautifully by indexing and backing up all documents the moment they enter the system. This allows personnel to immediately access the latest version of a document and track its progress and authorizations, and know who’s doing what, and when.

  1. Scalable Architecture

As previously mentioned, the ideal document control system will also be scalable to meet the precise needs of organizations of any size. The option of housing everything in the cloud makes it easy and affordable for your quality management system to grow with you effortlessly.

See firsthand how the ENSUR document management system can streamline your business processes, saving you time and money: request a demo today!

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