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Employee Spotlight: Patrick Crowley-Tech Support Engineer

Employee Spotlight: Patrick Crowley

Patrick Crowley is one of DocXellent’s Technical Support Engineers, a proud Jiu-Jitsu competitor, and our company’s “Mr. Migration”! As a technical support engineer at DocXellent, he has the responsibility of software installations for our customers, overseeing server relocations and system upgrades, SQL report writing, and Tier 2 support troubleshooting.

After graduating from high school, Patrick began commuting to college but also was looking to start his career. He found a position at a litigation support firm and began working his way up, learning everything he could as he went. He then spent seven years working as a database administrator for an Ecommerce storefront, and one year as a project manager in Electronic Data Interchange before finding his way to DocXellent. He attributes all of the success he’s found along this career path to being a contingency planner: “I think it translates well to this line of work where you need to think of a lot of ‘if this then that’ scenarios for any given situation,” Patrick says.

Patrick has had many accomplishments during his time at DocXellent; however, he is most proud of his work on data migrations into ENSUR. He says, “Something I like about performing the data migrations is they are often performed for new customers who are always positive and energetic, looking forward to getting their data into the ENSUR system to start using it. I love working with customers and being part of that step for them.” He also gives lot of credit for his migration success to the rest of his team and he takes pride in supporting them the best he can. Patrick loves collaboration, and notes that a lot of his team-centric motivation comes from retired Navy SEAL and motivation speaker Jocko Willink’s podcast on leadership.

When it comes to the culture at DocXellent, Patrick loves the opportunity to work with people who create an encouraging, dynamic workspace. He feels lucky that our company promotes collaboration and positivity: “We have a friendly work environment, and every single person works very hard each day towards a common goal. We can collectively pivot very quickly when needed, and we all work very effectively together.” He also greatly appreciates the learning opportunities DocXellent has brought him: “Every day I’m learning something, there is such a breadth of tasks and skillsets in this role from server configurations to coding; I’ve grown a lot working with my colleagues, seeing how they might code certain things and adopting their methods, or just learning certain Windows server functionalities I was unfamiliar with prior to working at DocXellent.”

Outside of work, Patrick spends a lot of his time exercising; he has been dedicated to the practice of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for the past 5 years. But when he isn’t on the move, he enjoys taking time to relax and play video games.

Patrick is very thankful to be part of the DocXellent team and strives to make our customers’ experience the best it can be. His aptitude for planning combined with his appreciation for collaboration and team support make him an invaluable asset to both our company and customers.

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