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Employee Spotlight: Suzanne McCormack – Training Manager


Suzanne McCormack is DocXellent’s training manager, resident baker and actress extraordinaire.  She trains all of our customers to make sure they understand the capabilities of our document management system; ENSUR. If they are a new user, she walks them through each and every section of the software, guaranteeing that they are comfortable using ENSUR on their own. If they are an existing customer, she keeps them up to date with any changes and enhancements the software might experience. She is also in charge of authoring all of the training documentation and training videos that can be seen on our Help Portal.

Before working at DocXellent, Suzanne worked in project management, staff support, methods and procedures documentation, technical writing, and even spent some time as a custodian at an elementary school! Based on her interest in helping others learn, she had always had a desire to work in training. As DocXellent grew, Suzanne was able to assume the role of Training Manager while other employees filled roles in the customer support arena.

During her time at DocXellent, Suzanne has accomplished many things; however, she is most proud of her ability to train users of our software who come from all sorts of diverse backgrounds and technical skill levels. Suzanne has an inherent passion for helping people learn, and she understands that it is very important to cater each training session to the individual customer being taught: “I’ve learned there isn’t one ‘out of the box’ way to train everyone. People learn differently, at different rates, and I try to always accommodate that”. She is always looking to improve upon her current practices.

When it comes to working for DocXellent, Suzanne loves the combination of great people that she feels very lucky to work with. And we are all pretty lucky to work with her too! Her nickname around the office is “company baker” because along with helping our customers, Suzanne has a talent for baking amazing desserts that she often brings in to share with the team.

Another one of her many talents and passions is her love of theater. She has been acting since her junior year of high school, and recently had the privilege of performing the lead role in a production of the Pulitzer prize winning play, “Doubt”. She has been in so many productions that she has played Lady Macbeth twice throughout her acting career!

Suzanne is very thankful to be part of the DocXellent team and takes pride in helping our customers get the most out of our ENSUR software. Her patience and flexibility combined with her years of experience make her a true asset to both our staff and customers.

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