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Employee Spotlight: Tom Tassias – Chief Technology Officer

Employee Spotlight: Tom Tassias – Chief Technology Officer

Tom Tassias is DocXellent’s Chief Technology Officer, a dedicated outdoorsman, and a self-proclaimed handyman! As the Chief Technology Officer for DocXellent, he has the responsibility of providing technical leadership to our team in the creation of innovative, best-in-class products and document solutions for our customers.

Working in technology always seemed like the path Tom was destined to take. When he was growing up, his father replaced his Commodore 64 gamming computer with an IBM DOS PC (that had little purpose other than figuring out how to make it beep with command line code). Tom learned to write code while growing up in Central Maine where winters were long and entertainment was lean. Along the way, IT jobs always seemed to find him, more than him seeking them. Before working at DocXellent, Tom enjoyed a long career with Pfizer Inc., holding IT roles in software development, technical leadership and project management. He joined our team as a Senior Developer in 2006 and was quickly promoted to CTO in 2010.

Tom has many accomplishments during his fourteen years at DocXellent; however, he is most proud that he has the ability to create jobs, hire new people, watch them blossom and see the benefits to our team and our company. He credits his years of success in this field to his tenacity to get problems solved. He is always eager to take on hard challenges and deliver the best possible solutions. At DocXellent, he has always had a customer-centric focus, believing that our success as a company is a direct result of our obsession for maintaining happy customers. However, he also acknowledges that the key ingredient is the effectiveness of our outstanding team. Tom thrives on leading collaboration, being the catalyst to help teams deliver their best work. No wonder one of his favorite motivational quotes is one written on our office wall: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

When it comes to the culture at DocXellent, Tom loves the opportunity to work with such a tight knit group. He feels lucky that our company goes beyond just a place to work: “DocXellent is a family that becomes part of our personal stories. This company is full of great people who care about each other, share a common pride in our successes, who truly appreciate the company of each other and enjoy what we do. I came to DocXellent 14 years ago as a young, single career-focused individual. While writing my story during my time at DocXellent, I have gotten married, had 4 kids, owned 3 houses in 3 different states and have been able to share all of these experiences with my DocXellent family.”

Outside of work, Tom spends most of his time outdoors. He loves camping, hiking, boating, biking and exploring nature’s magnificence. And, he says that more importantly than his own self-interests, he loves doing things for his family to enrich their lifetime experiences: “I’m blessed to have a wonderful wife who is my best friend on this journey. My measure of success is to raise great kids, leaving them as my legacy for my life’s work.”

Tom also prides himself as a handyman! His father taught him that “it pays to be handy”, so he has tried to learn how to take care of, maintain, and fix things, despite the road to know-how being paved with speedbumps. In his lifetime, he has owned 3 houses and 4 campers and, in his efforts to maintain them, he has mistakenly flooded every single one in various plumbing incidents.

Tom is very thankful to be part of the DocXellent team and he takes pride in making our customers’ experience the best it could be. His problem-solving skills and tenacity combined with his breadth of experience make him an invaluable asset to both our company and customers.

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