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Improve Training Processes with Document Control Management



Managing all of your training programs manually is a huge hassle. You have to make sure the right people are getting the right training at the right time. On top of that it all needs to be properly documented so if you get audited, you can prove that your employees are qualified. With ENSUR training management software, you can streamline every aspect of the training process. You no longer have to manually organize and track your processes; instead, it can all be automated for you. Here are just some of the ways you can put document control software to work when it comes to your internal training practices:

Track Internal Training Processes

 It is vital that you keep track of what types of training everyone in your company has received. This is not only for your own compliance standards, but also for liability reasons. With a document management software, you can easily keep all of the proof you need stored in a way that is easily accessible by anyone who may need to see it. More importantly, you can be sure they are always viewing the most current versions of the documentation.

Create Curriculum and Quizzes

 Our training management software does much more than just manage documentationWithin the software you can create your own course curriculum and organize it based on the job title. And to guarantee retention, you can then test the employees with custom quizzes. After the results are compiled, you can see where employees are excelling and where they need more help.

Receive Automatic Notifications

 With our document control software, you no longer have to manually track who needs what trainings and when. You can set up notifications for any required re-trainings, you can receive an alert at specific intervals for renewals, and you can designate predetermined lifecycles to make sure every training that is completed is actually required.

Keep Tabs on It All

Our training management software makes it effortless for you to complete ad-hoc reporting, including the metrics and benchmarks when you need them. You can easily search specific sessions, conduct in-depth analysis on individual and group performance, and generate instant reports with comprehensive data.

 With a document management system, you can keep track of everything you need to know in regard to training. Instead of keeping an enormous amount of paper files in your office and spending an absurd amount of time tracking everything, you can leave it all up to the training management software. Contact us today to learn more about how document control management can transform the way your company approaches training.  

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