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Secure on a Cloud Server? 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Document Management Software

Cyber Security Threats Prevented with Document Management Software

Secure on a Cloud Server? 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Document Management Software  

Ever since the Cloud emerged as a place to store data, companies large and small have agonized over whether it’s safe to keep their important files out there. It seems like a leap of faith to entrust business critical documents to a cloud server when an onsite solution seems safer.

 But is onsite really safer?

 Recently, high-profile hacks at well-known onsite data centers have demonstrated that when compared to the Cloud, cyber security isn’t necessarily better served onsite. Also, “safety” isn’t only about blocking hackers. It's about data safety in the event of onsite catastrophe. Here are just five reasons that make cloud-based document management software like the DocXellent ENSURCloud secure document management software the smart option for robust, cutting-edge data control with optimum cyber security.

  1. Cloud Servers and Document Management Systems Protects Your Data

Think about the cloud server concept as a digital realm in which every device is connected to the internet, allowing easy access, upload, editing, and creation of documents, on the fly, anywhere you and your employees are. A cloud server is a “virtual machine”, running from a dedicated server that supports a multitude of virtual servers. But instead of this cloud server being publicly accessible, the DocXellent ENSURCloud secure document control software system is lock-down secure—accessible only through robust layers of the latest security technology, and only by the users you authorize.

  1. Why ENSURCloud Document Management Software is Safer for Your Data

Cyber security is a top-of-mind issue for companies of all sizes. ENSURCloud answers the call with constantly adapting, industry-leading security measures including firewalls, intrusion blocking, and anti-virus protection. It’s Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ v. 3.0.1 compliant and is regularly (and automatically) upgraded for you, with patches and service packs instantly installed as threats evolve. This is quality management software that stays several steps ahead of the bad guys.

  1. Automatic Backups are a Snap

While everyone in your organization knows how important daily backups are, not everyone remembers to do them. When your documents are managed via cloud server, however, the backups are automatic in real time. That way, even if some emergency happens and local files are destroyed, the most recent version is still out there on ENSURCloud, ready to go from any other secure device, by authorized users at another location.

  1. A Secure Document Management Software System that Gives You Access from Anywhere

Forget having to email files to yourself, or losing thumb drives at the airport—both of which are cyber security faux pas. ENSURCloud empowers you and your team to work together—securely—from the most recent files, regardless of where authorized team members are located.

  1. Cloud Servers vs. On-Site Servers

Lastly, many small-to-medium companies struggle to afford the security tools and capabilities that larger companies with more resources can get. Using a secure document management system on a cloud server puts those high-end tools in your hands at a more manageable price than if you were to try and build those into an expensive, time-consuming onsite server.

Request an ENSURCloud demo for your company today to see how a cloud-based document management system can give you the cyber security you need with the tools to be more agile and competitive at what you do best.

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