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Meet Amy Sinyei Rodrigues, Our Director of Customer Relations

Employee Spotlight: Amy Sinyei Rodrigues, Director of Customer Relations

Meet Amy Sinyei RodriguesAs the Director of Customer Relations for DocXellent, Amy Sinyei Rodrigues excels at working with our customers to make sure they are getting the most out of ENSUR. She gets to know their workflow and processes and helps them utilize every aspect of ENSUR to automate as many functions as possible. She is a strong advocate for integrating ENSUR into every department within an organization, and she thrives on helping our customers optimize their efficiency in ways they didn’t know were possible.

Additionally, Amy serves as an advocate for the current customer base on the Product Change Board, so that improvements can continue to be made to the software with the customer’s wants and needs in mind.

 Amy has a BS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA in General Management. After completing engineering school, Amy realized that she needed a career that was still technically challenging and everchanging, but she also wanted to put her interpersonal skills to use. So she found herself working with several other enterprise software and solution services providers in the electronic discovery industry. She brought her years of expertise and valuable education to DocXellent, and she is a true asset to both the staff and customers.

 Amy thrives on answering the WHYs. She is always looking at why something works a certain way and why a customer is making a certain request. By delving into the whys and coming up with a fact-based answer, Amy is able to effectively solve any problem and communicate in a way that keeps the technical team and the customer happy. Amy is an expert at predicting what issues and concerns may arise, and she is often able to proactively communicate with customers to avoid any kind of uncomfortable confrontation.

 When it comes to working for DocXellent, Amy loves challenging herself in a new industry, yet she is still able to apply her adept customer service strategies effectively. She loves the cooperation and teamwork that DocXellent emphasizes, and she appreciates that everyone is dedicated to the same goal: customer success and satisfaction.

 During her time at DocXellent, Amy has accomplished many things; however, the one she is most proud of is her work implementing ENSUR as a consumer health packaging system for a global customer. She worked closely with the packaging specialists to quickly and effectively convert their Excel process to electronic forms. The project had  extremely tight deadlines, and she, along with the DocXellent team was able to meet it and complete the conversion successfully.

 When she is not busy helping customers capitalize on every feature of ENSUR or resolving a question or concern, Amy can be seen running, cooking, or hanging out with her pups, and she is always looking for the next stamp on her passport.

 Amy is very thankful to be part of the DocXellent team, and she knows that the entire team contributes to the bright future of the company. And her favorite quote backs up that belief: As famously said by Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”

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