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Employee Spotlight: Alley Jenkins - Marketing Director

Aleisha (Alley) Jenkins is DocXellent’s Marketing Director, a wine tasting aficionado, and a talented dance teacher! She leads the marketing efforts at DocXellent, including managing all activities involving the promotion and positioning of our...

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New Faces On Board at DocXellent

Our team is growing once again! We are excited to announce the addition of two new members to DocXellent: Steve Mantia to our Technical Support Department and Rob Grant to our Customer Relations Department.

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DocXellent Committed to Supporting Our Customers Through COVID-19

To All Customers and Partners of DocXellent and ENSUR,

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DocXellent Welcomes Two New Team Members

Company grow

DocXellent Welcomes Two New Team Members

DocXellent is excited to welcome two new members aboard our growing team!

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Meet Amy Sinyei Rodrigues, Our Director of Customer Relations


Employee Spotlight: Amy Sinyei Rodrigues, Director of Customer Relations

As the Director of Customer Relations for DocXellent, Amy Sinyei Rodrigues excels at working with our customers to make sure they are getting the most out of ENSUR. She gets to...

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