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Employee Spotlight: Maddy Hemberger - Marketing Assistant

Employee Spotlight Maddy

Maddy Hemberger is DocXellent’s Marketing Assistant, a dedicated runner, and a travel and adventure enthusiast. As an integral member of our Marketing team, she helps with ongoing marketing campaigns by creating content and conducting different types of market research to understand our target audience. Maddy manages and writes for our website blog, curates our social media content, and writes long-form content pieces to help reach prospects who would benefit from using ENSUR. In fact, she’s normally the person who writes these Employee Spotlights!

Maddy started at DocXellent as an intern in 2018 while seeking her B.A. in Marketing from UCONN School of Business. Upon her graduation in 2019, she was hired as a full-time employee and has been with us ever since. Maddy’s creativity, knack for writing, and adaptability make her highly effective at her job. Her proudest accomplishment at DocXellent thus far has been boosting our blog and social media traffic. Since taking over management of our website blog in 2019, she has increased our average page views by over 1,400 percent! “It feels good to know I’ve made a direct impact on connecting new audiences to our ENSUR software,” says Maddy.

Maddy credits DocXellent’s “culture of learning” for helping her discover new passions and strengths under the marketing umbrella: “At DocXellent, we’re always being encouraged to expand our knowledge. No matter what department, our leadership wants every team member to grow and flourish in their role,” says Maddy. Her favorite thing about DocXellent, however, is how dedicated the team is. Maddy adds, “It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who truly want our company to thrive and who are motivated by our customers’ success. They all work above and beyond and are always willing to help anyone who needs it.”

When she’s not working, Maddy enjoys traveling, running, spending time outside, painting, drawing, or any creative projects she can get her hands on. She is currently training for a half marathon later this year. She’s also looking forward to adding more stamps to her passport that already boasts 9 countries; including her favorite trip to Switzerland where she went paragliding over the Swiss Alps!

Maddy’s work ethic, adaptability, and willingness to learn new things makes her an asset to the DocXellent team. As one of the youngest members of the team, she brings a fresh perspective and creative drive that energizes everyone she works with.

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