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Employee Spotlight: Matt Browne

Employee Spotlight: Matt Browne – Senior Customer Relations Consultant

For this month’s employee spotlight, we’re highlighting Matt Browne! Matt is a Franklin, Connecticut native and is DocXellent’s Senior Customer Relations Consultant. In this role, Matt focuses on managing our customer’s custom ENSUR implementations.

Before taking his role at DocXellent in 2019, Matt had many different, diverse job titles. Following years working at a plant farm throughout high school, he took jobs at various restaurants and even spent some time working at a carwash. As he began his professional career, he took an interest in IT and programming. After high school, he started a job working with web design and front-end web development and progressed into programming and database administration. Then, he moved into web architecture and now focuses on project management.

Early on in his current customer relations role, Matt had the difficult task of managing the ENSUR implementation for a large pharmaceutical company. He has since grown this customer into one of DocXellent’s largest clients. While dealing with high-stress challenges day to day, he credits his lighthearted personality for why he’s become so successful in his current role: “I tend to be a joker and try to make light of difficult situations/ease the tension. I am succinct and tough, when necessary, but I always try to look at the bright side of situations.”

While working at DocXellent, Matt has gotten a lot of positive support from his team members, saying, “The fact that we are one big family and the feeling that we are ‘all in it together’ is amazing. I’ve never worked for a company with these deep team values. It’s a breath of fresh air.” He also loves the opportunity DocXellent has given him to wear many hats outside of his typical Project Manager position because it keeps his job interesting and exciting.

Outside of work, Matt loves the outdoors. He spends most of his time fishing, kayaking, boating, and tinkering with his off-road toys. He also enjoys cars and cooking.

DocXellent is so lucky to have an employee as dedicated and talented as Matt. He helps create an efficient experience for our customers and his commitment makes him a great asset to our team.

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