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Docxellent Offers a New Document Management Control Solution

Document Control Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are holding your company back!

Ensur is a web-based Document Control and Quality Management Software System. Its purpose is to manage your documents in an efficient and cost effective manner, and it’s easy to use too! Here are some things Spreadsheets are guilty of that our Document Control and Quality Management Software System would never do to you.

Susceptible to Fraud

Fraudulent manipulations have previously cost many companies billions of dollars. There is an inherent lack of controls in Excel spreadsheets.

Vulnerable to Human Errors

A wrong symbol here and there or misaligned rows may sound harmless, but can potentially create a considerable loss and loss of trust.

Doesn’t Adapt to Change

When a new person has to take over during a large-scale business change, it usually means that the previous spreadsheets have to be replaced too, because spreadsheet files become highly personalized where a new person cannot simply pick up where the other person left off.

Docxellent can prevent such Excel file disasters with business change management!

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