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Employee Spotlight: Swetha Erasani

Employee Spotlight: Swetha Erasani – Software Quality Analyst

Swetha Erasani is DocXellent’s Software Quality Analyst, a talented chef and baker, and a passionate gardener! As a Quality Analyst, Swetha’s role is to isolate, reproduce and track issues within the ENSUR Document Management Software, as well as test the software to make sure it is reliable, fully functional, and user-friendly before it is released to clients. She also works with our development team to test quality and predict potential problems that may occur in the future.

Swetha was born and raised in India. She moved to the United States to receive further education and is now living in New Jersey with her husband and child. Before settling into her role at DocXellent, Swetha started her quality analyst career path by working as contract employee for clients and traveling to client locations. She then got the chance to work on a broad range of software applications across various industries. It is this experience that she credits for her success in her quality analyst role, as well as her attention to detail and ability to work well with others.

Having worked in various quality analyst roles throughout her career, Swetha points to her community for the reason she chose this profession: “I became a quality analyst because I was constantly surrounded by friends and family members who all involved in that profession. After having conversations with them about the work they do, I slowly developed a great interest and love for testing and chose this as my career path.”

Swetha has made vital contributions to our ENSUR software quality assurance during her time at DocXellent. However, she is most proud of her career development and growth of knowledge. In fact, over the last few years Swetha has grown to be our primary and full-time release tester, working independently to examine and document our software. She also plays a key role in the implementation of the new format for our OQ (Operational Qualification) script writing.

As fortunate as we are to have such a devoted team member, Swetha feels just as lucky to be a part of the DocXellent team: “DocXellent is team of friendly and talented people. It is a privilege to work with such a fantastic group. In addition to embracing new technology, our team actively encourages us to enhance our skills and build our knowledge. There is always something new to learn.”

Outside of work, Swetha makes sure to take time for her many hobbies. As a gardener, she likes to experiment with grafting and growing plants from different cuttings. She also loves cooking, baking, watching TV, and enjoying family time in the evenings.

Swetha is an invaluable member of our DocXellent staff and she is grateful that this company has given her the ability and motivation to expand on her development skills. Her undeniable talent and continued eagerness to learn has made her a true asset to both our team, our product, and our customers.

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