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The 4 Basic Functions of Packaging Specification Management Software

Final 4 Basic Functions of Packaging Software

Why Package Goods?

The packaging process has existed for centuries, in various forms. Enclosing products for distribution and sale is necessary across most industries, and some markets have tight regulations around what kind of packaging can be used for certain products. From beauty to life sciences, and even retail, packaging is not only essential, but it is also a function of both marketing and safety. For companies managing any amount of packaging, packaging management software can improve and ease certain aspects of operations. 

Why Use Packaging Management Software?

Packaging specification management software addresses the various stages and functions of packaging in four ways:

1.    Manage Specifications and Bill of Materials (BOMs) 

Specs and BOMs: Companies that have vast specifications to manage and Bill of Materials (BOMs) to create, find that package management software is an essential tool for staying organized and compliant. Packaging management software that is integrated with document management software such as DocXellent's ENSUR enables you to link unlimited file types through a BOM linking model and create out-of-the-box BOMs. You can streamline the management of specifications as well by easily searching, replicating, and revising specifications for increased efficiency. ENSUR specifically and uniquely integrates with document control features that allow default or custom workflow for review and approvals of BOMs, to improve the approval and eSignature process.

Logs and revisions: For businesses that are in more tightly regulated industries, packaging management software provides detailed audit logs that allows visibility into user activity for better security and compliance—this even facilitates the peer review process. If revisions are made during the packaging process, the software provides a detailed log of revision history and recorded changes to sets of files for improved version control.

Control: Throughout the chain of command in the packaging process, packaging management software enables heightened control in various forms. Better access control governs who can view, edit, review, and approve documents. The software also provides standardized, structured formats (electronic forms) for documents, and enables linking to outside materials such as drawings, artwork, work instructions, and technical standards that may apply to the given item. Further, if substitutions need to be utilized, packaging management software offers better control over the substitution process.

2.    Vendor/Supplier Management 

Distribution of specification, BOMs and their related content (artwork, technical drawings, die lines, work instructions, etc) to Contract Manufacturers (CMs) or even in house global packaging sites is a critical part of the packaging specification management. Ensuring that CMs have the latest version of a specification is critical to a business and if done poorly could be an expensive manufacturing waste cost and potentially even expose a product manufacturer to legal issues.  Packaging management software should include automated methods to deliver the latest version to CMs.  ENSUR has various specification distribution options including automated sharing of Effective specifications to folders accessible by CMs, email alerts to notify CMs that a new version has been made current, or even automated emails that can attach PDF versions of specifications when a new version is made effective. 

3.    Searching and Reporting 

Packaging managers need to be able to perform searches among products to gather data and produce results on various items. One of packaging management software's basic functions is to streamline the search and reporting process. Document control software such as ENSUR  enables you to search common traits among products such as materials, markets, packaging sites, brands, variants, or even managed master data in order to provide roll up reporting such a tax weight information.

Such software also simplifies the reporting process so you can perform quick analysis to gather metrics and create accurate reports on needed items or specific locations.

4.    Integration with ERP 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps businesses manage operations as a whole, and when integrated with packaging management software, the two can make internal collaboration easier and improve project management. Such integration enables the collection of organization-wide information and data. It allows for less manual entry by packaging engineers, procurement and distributors and lets the system of record control various inputs (i.e. SKUs, GTINs, etc) and automatically share and tie the information to the other business critical system.

Where Specification Management Software Comes In

The integration of document control with packaging management is crucial in all of the above functions. To remain compliant with industry standards and to keep packaging operations tightly organized, document control ties together the components of packaging specifications and processes and keeps track of all data needed to perform packaging correctly.

DocXellent’s ENSUR specification management software is available as either a cloud-based service or a proprietary software installed on your premise, and it includes packaging management that helps make controlling and managing packaging documents easy. It can also improve quality control management for enterprises that are looking to guarantee that deliverables and delivery processes are organized and aligned. With a document management system integrated alongside packaging management, enterprises can save time and money by automating and streamlining the vital aspects of packaging operations that keep them compliant and successful. Contact us today to learn more.

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