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The Four Main Components of A Quality Management System


Document Control Software & Quality Plan Components

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If you want to make sure you are providing consistent products or services throughout your organization, you must implement an ironclad quality management system, or QMS. Quality control management ensures that what your company delivers and the delivery processes it uses are cohesive and that every business phase of the organization focuses on the same goal.

When broken down, quality control management can be segmented into four key components to be effective: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. Here is a closer look at these four crucial steps, as well as some insight into how our QMS software can make the job easier.

Quality Control Planning 

The first step of quality management is planning. You need to take the time to identify your goals and what you want your baseline to be. You should determine what your quality standards are, the requirements necessary to meet these standards, and what procedures will be used to check that these criteria are being met. In this planning stage, you will want to consider:

  • What your stakeholder’s expectations and priorities are, if applicable
  • What your company’s definition of success is
  • What legal standards or requirements are in place that must be abided by
  • Who will handle each role in the quality management process (supervision, testing, etc.)
  • How often processes will be evaluated for improvement

 Quality Control

Once you have a plan in place, quality control comes into play. This is the process of physically inspecting and testing what you laid out in the planning stage to make sure it is obtainable. You need to confirm that all the standards you have put into place are met, and you need to identify any mishaps or errors that need to be corrected. The sooner you can catch these errors, the better. As such, you should be paying attention to all aspects of the product, including both the materials used and the process of putting them together.

Once the inspection data has been collected, it should be displayed in a way that makes it easy to analyze. You can create histograms, run charts, or cause and effect displays, and then easily share them through your document management software to make sure everyone has access to them.

 Quality Assurance 

While quality control involves inspecting the actual products or services in the field, quality assurance is reviewing the delivery process of services or the quality management manufacturing of goods. By inspecting your goods or services at the source, you can catch mistakes before they reach the customer. You can also fine tune your processes to prevent errors in the future. When reviewing your product or service during this stage of quality control management, you will want to follow these steps:

  • Confirm that everything is operating as it was agreed upon during the quality planning stage
  • Measure how effective your pre-determined processes are and confirm that all compliance needs are being met
  • Take note of any lessons learned
  • Identify areas where there is an opportunity for a smoother process

To be effective, quality assurance must be completed regularly through independent audits. For the best results, have the audit completed by a third-party that is not financially or emotionally invested in the outcome.

 Quality Improvement 

Finally, after completing the quality control process, you need to thoroughly review your findings and come up with a way to improve your methods going forward. Quality control management is fruitless if you are not willing to make changes when they are necessary. The desire for continual improvement is the goal for every successful company. So, gather all your data, re-evaluate both the processes and the product—always keeping compliance in mind—and then begin the quality control management process again. With each cycle, you will end up with a better product, happier customers, and more profit in your pocket.

 Why Should You Choose DocXellent as Your QMS Software?

Total quality management is a complex task that must remain organized to be effective. With our QMS software, we can help you streamline your process of organizing, accessing, and controlling all your important documents. If you want your quality control efforts to be efficient, you need a document management software system that is configurable and compatible with the processes your company already uses. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, our ENSUR software can help you with all your quality control needs in the following ways:

  • Set default requirements for the review and approval process
  • Assign tasks at the correct times during the document’s lifecycle, and track their successful completion
  • Customize data entry forms to be sure that all the necessary information is included
  • Notify applicable parties whenever an action is required to move along the quality management control process
  • Provide searchable databases that make it simple to access written expectations and plans at a moment’s notice
  • Distribute documents to all employees and management that need to be kept in the know
  • Monitor who accesses what document and when so that all actions can be audited
  • And much more

Document management software and quality control management go hand in hand. When you combine a thorough plan, effective implementation, in-depth analysis, and a software partner that provides you with the ability to effortlessly access and share all of the documents you need, your company is sure to flourish.

When you want to streamline your quality control management and improve your company’s efficiency, you can depend on our QMS software. Unlike other document management software options, we are truly dedicated to your success and we will advise you every step of the way. To learn more about how our QMS software can benefit your quality control efforts, contact us now

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