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Chad Bouley Named DocXellent’s New Innovative Technical Solutions Manager

Chad Bouley New Innovative Technical Solutions Manager

We are excited to announce that Chad Bouley, former Technical Support Manager here at DocXellent, has recently been promoted to Innovative Technical Solutions Manager! Over the past three years, Chad has worked closely with Amy Sinyei Rodrigues and her Customer Relations Team to create innovative solutions for a diverse set of client use cases. Our Innovative Technical Solutions Team is a newly established department that will work directly with our Development and Customer Relations teams for database programming, consulting for the ENSUR Document Management Application and its release cycles, as well as customer challenge prevention/problem-solving.

The idea to establish an Innovative Technical Solutions Team arose from the need to provide solutions to customers which were not directly tied to the ENSUR Pipeline or a release schedule. In the past, if clients had a specific request that ENSUR function a certain way, Chad would take charge in manipulating the ENSUR Matrix to make that happen. His technical innovations became known around the office as “Chad Magic”. As time has passed, it has become more and more apparent that this is a service that our clients are looking for and could really benefit from. So, Chad’s original role in Technical Support began to slide to the side as demand for innovation continued to rise.

With the development of this new role and team, we are looking to expand the realms of innovation to a scope outside of database programming. In conjunction with our Chief Technology Officer, Tom Tassias, Chad and his team will be exploring other avenues to help ENSUR interface with these custom document solutions more seamlessly, as well as potentially expanding these solutions into products other than ENSUR. We are excited to see all the amazing things Chad will continue to accomplish as he fully transitions into this role!

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