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SaaS vs Paas: The Best Option for FDA Software Validation

Moving business processes into the cloud has been a goal for many companies in recent years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to understand the differences and benefits of the various cloud services, especially as it pertains to FDA software...

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Tags: validation services, PaaS provider, scalability, Single-Tenant

6 Tips to Effectively Manage Your CAPA Workflow

A well-structured and organized CAPA workflow is the lifeblood of your Quality Management System. CAPAs enable you to pinpoint an issue, solve it, and prevent it from happening in the future. 

We’ve compiled six tips that will help you make your...

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Tags: quality management software system, Components of Quality Management, CAPA management, CAPA Workflow

How Quality Professionals Should Manage Specifications

Quality professionals are tasked with verifying the quality of their company’s products and ensuring processes meet regulatory compliance. There are many moving parts in a supply chain and enforcing your quality standards throughout every step of...

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Tags: specification management, quality management process, supply chain

How Can a Document Management System (DMS) Improve Manufacturing? 

Manufacturing companies are challenged with tracking product data, customer feedback, and engineering changes, all while maintaining their company’s reputation for quality and swift distribution of product. That’s why we want to share how you can...

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Tags: manufacturing, document management software, document management system

4 Ways to Utilize Technology in your Pharma Supply Chain

With the swift pace of technological advancement in the life science space, pharmaceutical companies have begun adopting new tools more rapidly than ever before. In fact, opting for new tech has become almost pivotal to increasing everyday...

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Tags: pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical industry document control, supply chain

Meet DocXellent's New Team Members!

New Faces Onboard at DocXellent

We are excited to announce the addition of two new members to DocXellent: Richard Bailey to our Development Department and Steve LeGrand to our Customer Relations Department.

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Interview With a Quality Expert

Bobbi Lilek

Bobbi works as a Quality Systems Director for a rapidly growing biotechnology company that utilizes the ENSUR software for both Document Control and Quality Management. In order to maintain her company’s policy of strict customer...

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Tags: document management software, Quality Management System, FDA Electronic Signature, Quality, audit

How Artificial Intelligence is Predicted to Transform the Lab Industry

Technology has always been a pivotal part of laboratory processes. So, in the current age of fast-paced advancement, the logical next step for labs is to begin utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we’ll discuss three major ways...

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Tags: document management software, Artificial Intelligence, laboratory industry

5 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Affected the Biotechnology Industry

As the spread of COVID-19 slows and things begin to reopen, biotechnology professionals are starting to assess the long term effects the pandemic has brought upon the industry. In this article, we’ll look at the ways COVID-19 has changed the...

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Tags: covid-19, 2021 industry trends, biotechnology industry

Employee Spotlight: Alley Jenkins - Marketing Director

Employee Spotlight: Alley Jenkins Marketing Director

Aleisha (Alley) Jenkins is DocXellent’s Marketing Director, a wine tasting aficionado, and a talented dance teacher! She leads the marketing efforts at DocXellent, including managing all activities involving the promotion and positioning of our...

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