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Document Management Software: Cloud vs On-Premises

When considering investing in a document management software, one of the key decision points will be whether you would like your software hosted on-premises or in the cloud. But what exactly is the difference between cloud hosted and on-premises...

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The ROI on a Specification Management System: Is It Worth It?

If you’re a packaging or manufacturing professional, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of spending precious time tracking down data. The manual nature of managing specifications using spreadsheets and shared drives has likely caused...

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Tags: specification management, Spec Management, ISO 9001, Compliance

6 Things to Consider in a Packaging Specification Management System

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence in the Pharma Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is more commonly referred to, is being employed by companies all over the globe. But what exactly is AI and how can you best leverage this technology to benefit your pharmaceutical supply chain? In this article,...

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3 Compliance Issues That Can Be Solved by Automation

Maintaining regulatory compliance while making a product that provides value to your customers can be a daunting task, especially if you are using outdated, manual methods for quality management. Increasing efficiency and reducing instances of...

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DocXellent Welcomes Two New Team Members

Our team is growing once again!

We are excited to announce the addition of two new members to the DocXellent team: Matthew Davis as a Junior Development Engineer and Joe Ciriello as a Business Development Manager.

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Employee Spotlight: Kory Iovino

Kory Iovino is DocXellent’s Quality Manager, a tech expert, and a talented golfer! He is responsible for ensuring that the products and services DocXellent provides are fit for purpose and meet both external and internal requirements, including...

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3 Ways to Streamline Supplier Collaboration During the Specification Lifecycle

The specification management process requires multiple departments within your company to work with a variety of vendors in gathering product data throughout the product lifecycle. Yet, many companies do not have a unified system in place to...

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Tags: specification management, supplier collaboration

Comparing Document Management Options: Cost, Security, and Efficiency

If your company still uses manual methods to store and organize your documentation, you may be missing out on critical efficiency that a Document Management System (DMS) can provide. A well-maintained document management process can help your...

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6 Questions to Ask Before You Purchase a Spec Management Solution

Using an out of date process for managing your specifications can cause errors and rework for employees, inconsistent processes across different departments, and costly delays in production. A disorganized spec management process can also have a...

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