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Streamline the Document Review and Approval Cycle with a Document Management System

Every business has a unique way of tackling their internal document review and approval cycle. However, if your company still employs a manual method to organize this process, you could be sacrificing vital business efficiency. In this article, we...

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How to Avoid Supply Chain Disruption As A Result of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has affected manufacturing companies all across the world over the last few months. Learning how to deal with massive changes in production and attempting to avoid supply chain disruption is a difficult task, one that most...

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Flexibility, Control, & Reduced Costs Through Managed Cloud Solutions

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Document Management System – An Essential Piece of Your Business Continuity Plan

Dealing with documentation is an essential part of every business’ processes. However, managing business information, sometimes from several sources, can be a challenging task – especially in these unprecedented times where employees are forced to...

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Tags: document management system, business continuity, disaster recovery

Spreadsheets or Electronic Forms: Comparing Methods for Managing Specs

A lot of companies still rely on spreadsheet technology to organize their important information. Other companies use electronic forms for their data management.  What exactly is the difference? And is one better than the other? In this article...

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DocXellent Committed to Supporting Our Customers Through COVID-19

To All Customers and Partners of DocXellent and ENSUR,

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Chad Bouley Named DocXellent’s Innovative Technical Solutions Manager

We are excited to announce that Chad Bouley, former Technical Support Manager here at DocXellent, has recently been promoted to Innovative Technical Solutions Manager! Over the past three years, Chad has worked closely with Amy Sinyei Rodrigues and...

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Tags: 2020, productivity, docxellent support, technical solutions

COVID-19: Maintaining Safe Cyber Security Practices When Working Remotely

With cases of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging in nearly every state, many businesses are taking swift action in an effort to curb its spread. Teleworking, “remote working,” or simply “working from home,” is a centerpiece of those efforts....

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Employee Spotlight: Christine Snitkin-Bouley – Support Coordinator

Christine Snitkin-Bouley is DocXellent’s Support Coordinator and Project Manager, a talented dance teacher, and a musical theater buff! She is part of our Customer Relations Team as well as the DocXellent Support Coordinator and is usually the...

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5 Tips to Optimize the Workflow of Your Specifications

Successful management of specifications (packaging, product, materials, etc) is a critical component of any product’s lifecycle. Businesses that are using spreadsheets or other manual methods of organizing, routing and distributing their...

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Tags: packaging management, specification management, workflow